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ReceitaSnail Chop Suey with oriental rice

Snail Chop Suey with oriental rice

Snail Chop Suey with oriental rice

2023-05-04 | PORTUGAL

Serves 10:

2,5 kg medium snail kernel baked; leek (white part); 100 g onion; 1 chinese cabbage ; 200 g fresh soybeans; vegetable oil; grated carrot; soy sauce; salt, pepper and piripiri; sliced mushrooms; 800 g grain rice; 3 eggs; ham; 1,4 l chicken stock.


1. In a wok sauté the soybeans, onion, leek, chinese cabbage, sliced mushrooms and grated carrot in vegetable oil in high heat.

2. Add the previously baked snail kernels capsule and involve all ingredients.

3. Add soy sauce as you like.

4. Rectify the salt, pepper and piripiri.

5. Serve with oriental rice.

For the rice:

1. Sauté garlic and chopped onion in olive oil.

2. Put 800 g of rice and let it fry a little.

3. Add 1,4 l of chicken stock and season with salt.

4. Cook for about 12 minutes on low heat with the lid on.

5. Once cooked stir with a fork.

6. Sauté soybeans, chinese cabbage, julienned carrots and sliced mushrooms.

7. Mix the rice with the vegetables and also the chopped ham and scrambled eggs.


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